Indu Ma'am teaching, both the Asanas and the spiritual guidance, invites you to reach beyond your perceived limits of the body and the mind. Indu Ma'am is clearly a scholar of the ancient texts, but she is no monk living in a cave ; as a Mother ,Wife and modern day working women she is eminently relatable.
- Rubina Jain

Her own passion and gratitude for the practice shines through, and Radiates outward to her students.I always feel grounded yet revitalized, open hearted and greatful. When her classes ends up packed mat- to mat, I say move over and make even more room - the world will surely be a much better place if everyone could practice with Indu Ma'am!
- Rohit Verma

Indu Ma'am is an authentic yoga teacher who is dedicated to her students progress towards the joyful discovery of yoga. Her nonjudgmental manner, humility and unwavering devotion to the Divine creators in classroom, a positive, compelling atmosphere, conducive to happiness an spiritual blossoming.
- Nikhil Trivedi

Indu Ma'am is quite simply, the best yoga teacher I have ever had her classes are exhilarating and Transformative. She has an ineffable energy that infuses the practice with joy and even raptured. She is both wise and unpretentious,spiritual and down to earth.There is no one like her.
- Kuldip Kaur

Even though I had been practising yoga for some years, learning yoga under Mrs. Indu Jaiswal has been a totally new and awakening experience. I've been learning Satynanda yoga for 4 months now and I've never felt so relaxed and agile before. Not only has yoga helped me reduce in inches but the sort of mental peace that I've attained has made me a happier person. I've started seeing life in a very different light and have become more open to positivity while avoiding negativity of all sorts.
- Dr Poonam Datta

I'd always found yoga cumbersome as the few classes that I had joined before stressed so much on perfect postures, not quite adjusting the difficulty level or understanding different needs of different people. Learning yoga from Indu Aunty has been an enjoyable and enlightening experience. It has helped improve my concentration power and regulate my breathing, in addition to helping me thin down. Indu Aunty has a keen observation of people and adjusts the whole session accordingly for each individual.
- Student Angarika Datta

I had the pleasure of taking yoga classes with Karuna yoga hub. Indu ma'am is friendly,compassionate and knowledgeable. I always feel better and motivated after a class. Classes are very helpful,relaxing and well constructed. It's been a great learning experience. I have made so many gains in strength,flexibility,positive outlook and overall focus. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing this path.
- Dr Madhulika Singh ( BDS)

I was undergoing a severe problem of stress, anxiety, insecuroty, depression, loss of confidence, energy and weight gain since last 10 years. I met Indu ma'am and she patiently listened to all of my physical and mental problem and worries and guaranteed me that I would be able to recover from my problems and get better soon. She with her deep knowledge of traditional yoga has healed me with combination of Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas, Meditation and Shatkarmas. Every day I see myself more confident, happy, cheerful and able to take decisions efficiently because I am full of energy and my mind is in peace. It has been a great journey of not only getting healed but also getting close to nature.
- Jaspreet Kaur

I have been taking Karuna Yoga Class since February 2016. I absolutely love Indu Mam's teaching style with the perfect balance of stillness and calmness. I appreciate the pace of her class which is neither too slow nor too fast. I always get a good sweat. During meditation, Indu Ma'am charges me with positive energy for thr day. She will help you find your inner peace with her yogic sessions.
- Ruchi Goyal

In this fast paced and sometimes unsettling world we live in coming to the yoga class allows me to bring my mind, body, and soul back into balance. I couldn't do without it and the effort i receive from Indu ma'am. She is a wonderful teacher.
- Sungeeta- FD

I have taken yoga at a number of places and from many different instructor. None was as skilled or as sensitive to individual needs as Indu ma'am.
- Aparna

Excellent teaching. An atmosphere of peace and serenity. Wonderful workout for the body and mind. An exercise approch that can be done at any age.
- Aayush


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